Nightmare by Blomquist Builders Group

This purpose of this website is to share my experience, illustrated with photos and videos, for anyone who might be considering building a home with Blomquist Builders Group (BBG). BBG is registered with the Georgia Secretary of State Corporation Division with a Principal Office Address:  3478 Rabbit Run, Acworth, GA 30101 and the registered agent, CEO, CFO and Secretary as Jennifer L. Blomquist.

UPDATE 12.2019 – Looking for information on the Estates at Cornerstone, this is the neighborhood. The builder, owner, husband of the builder (or who knows who has the property now, because it has changed hands three times since January, 2018). However, in December 2019, the Estates at Cornerstone, previously known as The Summit at Lost Mountain (est 2005) got its new name. My best guess – they didn’t appreciate the fact I am stating truth about my builder – Jennifer Blomquist – the owner of Blomquist Builders Group – who built this nightmare I live in and suing me for telling the truth!  


February 23, 2018 – After learning of this website, Blomquist Builder’s Group, Inc. had one of their attorneys with Adams and Reese, send a “cease and desist” letter (demanding I remove this website because of “certain defamatory information”). My attorney replied to them on February 14, 2018 stating that although the site was “critical of the work of Blomquist in constructing of the property,” this website “presents only minuscule fraction of the material accumulateddemonstrating the many defects in the construction;” and that I declined their request. After which, Blomquist Builder’s Group, Inc. chose to file a lawsuit. Read more about that here.

Erosion at The Summit at Lost Mountain

Superior Quality?

Blomquist pledges on to provide you with a luxury home of superior quality and lasting value. Judge their quality for yourself.
Erosion at The Summit at Lost Mountain


This is what happens when an inexperienced builder meets The Summit at Lost Mountain.
Erosion at The Summit at Lost Mountain


When it’s less expensive to replace the three-story staircase than try to repair what Blomquist Builders did: you know you’re in trouble.
Erosion at The Summit at Lost Mountain

Paint & Trim

When you have to choose between a hundred photos, you can only hope these make the point.
Erosion at The Summit at Lost Mountain


Weeks before closing, the builder tells you not to worry about the crack on the walkway; it happens, but this problem is much worse.
Erosion at The Summit at Lost Mountain

Are You Ready to Clean?

Grab the gloves, honey. Your new custom home and yard need to be cleaned!
On the original developer’s website, Olympia Group, they wrote “52 homesite community on 54 acres on Lost Mountain in West Cobb County, Georgia. This is the highest mountain in the Atlanta market. Homesites cresting on the summit in excess of 1,500 feet elevation. Average lot size is 0.8 acres or 35,000 sf. Lot prices range from $175,000 to $500,000+. Project Status: Phase I begins selling early 2005, consisting of the lower 40 homesites. Phase II available early 2006, remaining homesites up to and including the Summit at Lost Mountain. Homesites available to builders and homeowners.” Six homes were built between 2005-2007.
According to Blomquist’s website “Building your Luxury Custom Dream Home has never been easier when you choose Blomquist Builders Group. With 52 home sites on over 52 acres, we offer many one of kind custom home plans to choose from.” This homeowner did not have that experience.