I Don't Wanna Do Your Dirty Work

No more

The Summit at Lost Mountain

After thirteen months of dealing with Blomquist Builders, we closed on the house. The carpet was installed the same day, but when we arrived the walls were scratched up, the wood floors were filthy, and they didn’t vacuum the new carpet. The windows not only needed to be cleaned, but would not close because the windows sills were filled with brick mortar. The only unfinished area in the basement had dried mud on it. The cooktop had paint splatters, and the sides are scratched. The air vents were filled with debris, dirt and even a few razors. The backyard was adorned with a gas can, plastic tarps, silt fencing, wood boards, and more.

It’s not what I expected
As this project moved toward closing, the more sloppy the builder became. We were assured numerous times by Jennifer Blomquist that we did not have to worry, the house would be perfect. Well, it is – a perfect disaster. Was I naive to believe a builder would clean up? Jennifer told me they put the final coat of polyurethane on the wood floors the day before closing, and that no one is allowed in. Horse dung! This is a photo of footprints on the floor after they said it was the final coat. The picture is grainy because it was taken from the front door.

Covered Patio

Upstairs Bedroom

Front Window