The Landslide Brought Me Down

UPDATE – Home built by Blomquist Builder’s Group confirms Structural Failure of house in less than nineteen months.  Engineering reports to be added soon.


Erosion in The Summit at Lost Mountain

Before closing, we paid Blomquist Builder’s landscaper directly to have the entire hill covered with jute netting and mulch because she said it would prevent the hill from eroding. Within four weeks after closing [correction – it was actually 9 days after close when I first sent Jennifer Blomquist a text regarding the erosion], the man-made hill on the west side of the house started breaking away.

As the rain continued, the mulch started washing away, and we noticed no jute netting was in place. Blomquist Builders decided that if we paid to add plants that would resolve the issue. We write out another check to her landscaper to add plants, jute netting, and more mulch; this only made the situation worse. For weeks the hill continues to erode into a landslide with no additional action from the builder. However, the builder did find time to install jute netting, mulch and grass at the house next door.

What motivated the builder?

In the same timeframe the landslide is occurring, the family who had worked for months choosing lights, cabinets, granite, paying their pool contractor to build the pool and more, made the mistake of not closing with Blomquist Builder the same day Cobb County provided the Certificate of Occupancy. Even though appliances were not installed and the backsplash was not in place, the county gave the builder a CO. The builder is now using that house as the model home.

After weeks of worrying if the side garage would soon be down the hill, we still had no resolve from the builder. But, within a short time of people coming to see the model and pointing at the landslide on my property; the builder found the time to start repairing the landslide. Too bad my brick problem wasn’t on that same side, maybe it would have been addressed sooner. But that is for another page.

The west side of this custom home built by Blomquist Builders was not the only area affected by erosion. The following photos illustrate the front and east side of the house enduring its own problems.