Blomquist Builders Group Sues Client

Blomquist Builder’s Group, Inc. chose to file a lawsuit on February 23, 2018, against myself and my husband for defamation, stating the photos and videos within this website were taken before close. (Dated images are coming soon). The builder attempted to have us served with this lawsuit during a Wednesday evening prayer service at our church. The ushers provided the Process Server with our attorney’s information, and my attorney accepted service the following day, March 8, 2018.

On Sunday, March 11, just three days of receiving a copy of the lawsuit, I returned home from church to a sinkhole at the corner of my garage. On March 23, I had a Geotechnical Engineer on-site to determine the cause of the sinkhole. Rather than address this issue, the builder filed for an Emergency Hearing that same day asking the court to have this website removed immediately. My attorney received notice on Palm Sunday, March 25, to appear in court within 48 hours. He contacted me that evening, and we made arrangements to attend the hearing with him. After being in court for an estimated two hours, and Jennifer Blomquist stating her case for more than an hour, the presiding Judge denied her request. On April 20, my attorney filed an answer and counterclaim against Blomquist Builders Group, Inc.

 On August 29, 2018, an Entry of Appearance was filed on behalf of Blomquist Builders Group by J. David Haskins and Travis M. Cain with Haskings Law Group, LLC. And Travis M. Cain & Associates, LLC.

In early October, I received a copy of Blomquist’s First Interrogatories. On November 16, 2018, Jennifer Blomquist’s attorneys received both mine and my husband’s answers to those question, along with multiple engineering reports confirming the extreme structural damage on the house. They also received photos taken with a newspaper dated May 28, 2018, showing many of the same images as you’ve seen on this website. Along with copies of text messages (between Jennifer Blomquist and myself) refuting most every statement she made in a signed affidavit submitted to the court for her emergency hearing.

The Superior Court of Cobb County ordered mediation for December 19, 2018. However, Blomquist attorneys filed a motion on December 11, 2018, to extend the discovery period.

Within two weeks of receiving engineering reports, photos and text messages (on December 3, 2018), Jennifer Blomquist, President of Blomquist Builders Group, signed Limited Warranty Deeds to Blomquist Holdings, Inc., Blake Blomquist as Organizer. Those Limited Warranty Deeds include 25 remaining lots in The Summit At Lost Mountain; and 17 remaining lots at Somerset Oaks At Lost Mountain. However, they did not file those documents with the county until January 7, 2019.

Blake and Jennifer Blomquist have been married for 20 years. Blake Blomquist is also the Registered Agent for Crestlawn Cemetery, LLC, Trustee for Forest Hill Memorial Gardens Preneed and College Park Cemetery Pre 2000 Perpetual Care Trust.

Blomquist E. Blake as Successor Trustee also has the follow properties in The Summit at Lost Mountain
Forest Hill Memorial Gardens Preneed Lot 11
Forest Hill Memorial Gardens Preneed Lot 16
College Park Cemetery Pre 2000 Perpetual Care Trust Lot 18
Crest Lawn Memorial Park Pre-Need Trust Lot 19, 20 and a house on Lot 50 for sale.

March 2019, was one year since the sinkhole opened and it only continues to get worse. Last March, during the emergency hearing, Mrs. Blomquist admitted she was aware of the sinkhole.

I find it interesting that Jennifer Blomquist was in such a hurry to get this website removed by filing for an “emergency hearing” in March 2018. However, there is no emergency to resolve the structural failure of my house because of improper grading and uncompacted soil by Blomquist Builders Group.

August 17, 2019 – Cobb County requires mediation before a civil case can be placed on the court calendar. Eighteen months after Jennifer Blomquist filed a civil suit against us; we are still waiting for her and her attorneys to provide us a date to settle this issue.