This is No Stairway to Heaven

Blomquist Builder’s Group Quality

There are 177 metal spindles and shoes on the three-story staircase that are scratched, slopped with polyurethane or have overspray. Blomquist promised to send a check to replace them. we’ve not received that check. Along with the metal spindles, there are 34 stair treads, 15 Box Newel Post and more than 70 feet of the handrail that still must be repaired or replaced.

The Summit at Lost Mountain

Blomquist Builders website states “Panoramic views from The Summit include Downtown Atlanta, Stone Mountain and the Appalachian Mountain Range. You can relax and enjoy breathtaking sunsets from your private veranda high atop The Summit of Lost Mountain.”

I have found it difficult to relax and enjoy anything while dealing with the quality of the “Luxury Custom Home” built by Blomquist Builders.

After being ignored by Jennifer Blomquist, the CEO of Blomquist Builders Group for months; I’m meeting with several award-winning Houzz General Contractors. Regarding this staircase, all spindles must be replaced; the rises must be sanded and repainted (an attempt as they are MDF); the base molding must be replaced, requiring the removal of many stair treads. All treads must be sanded, and some will need to be taken to the bare wood and restained, and the list goes on.


This cannot be real

Sadly, this is real. As this project moved toward closing, the more sloppy the builder became. We were assured numerous times by Jennifer Blomquist that we did not have to worry, the house would be perfect. Well, it is – a perfect disaster.

According to Jennifer Blomquist, you must close on your home the same they receive the certificate of occupancy (CO) from Cobb County. If you don’t, you could lose your 10% down and 100% of the cost of your upgrades.

Our upstairs carpet was not installed until the day of closing. The kitchen backsplash took an additional six weeks, yet we made those selections four months earlier. The $7,500 generator Blomquist installed was nonfunctional for sixteen weeks and not until we paid another company to install it correctly.

Cobb County issues residential Certificates of Occupancy after their final inspection. Those final inspections do not include installed carpet, finished floors, finished kitchen backsplash, a working generator, clean home or that your windows lock; it is not “move in ready.” It didn’t matter what the house looked like, we either closed on the house or risk losing all the money we had given Blomquist Builders Group.