Homeowner provides videos showing the Superior Quality and Lasting Value of her custom Blomquist Builders Home.

Water Management Plan

It seems the only water management plan Blomquist Builders had, was to let the owners deal with it.

Trim Carpenters Work

Should I be upset the trim carpenter didn’t attach the newel or that the painter stained under the post and not around it?

Is the Foundation Solid?

The brick cracked vertically, then ran horizontally to the east side, before stopping at the basement door.

Rain Through French Doors

When Blomquist Warranty Company (newhomeatl.com) did nothing, we contacted 84 Lumber, who supplied the doors. We were told by Teresa at the Cartersville location “if the doors are leaking, the builder did not install them properly.”

The Cause Is Still a Mystery

For months we expressed concerns about the erosion to Jennifer Blomquist, only to be ignored as the terrain continued to decay. The destruction was not addressed until she chose to use the house next door as the model home.